Sunday, 23 February 2014

Muscle Gains

I have been questioning whether or not I'm ready to enter another competition quite a bit.  Because I am still about 10-15lbs above my previous "off season" weight, it is incredibly hard to tell whether I've gained muscle, lost muscle, or maintained muscle.

So I've started looking at my previous weight training records and comparing them to now.  I use the app Gym Buddy to track my workouts, so I have a record of all my workouts in the last 3 years.  Just today I've discovered a handy "One Rep Max" graph in the history section of the app... here are a few results from major exercises:

So I may not be able to tell how my muscles look underneath that last layer of winter padding, but my strength gains certainly tell a story.  I'm looking forward to seeing some definition as I lean down!

Now I just have to learn to walk in heels...

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