Saturday, 21 June 2014

Advancements & Alcohol

Yesterday was Day 3 of IIFYM for me since my competition.  I was invited out to a friend's dinner party and had no idea what I might wind up eating.  So I saved a good 900-1000 calories for my time out, with plenty of fat and carbs left. I figured that while I may not be able to keep my macros exactly within 5g of my goals, I should at least be able to keep from going too overboard on the calorie side of things.

Enter beer.

Well, sufficed to say that when I finally entered what I had consumed last night into MyFitnessPal... it was well over what I had anticipated.  And the funny thing is that if I had just stuck to the food and maybe 1-2 beers, I would have probably been pretty close to my target macros.

To be honest, I really needed a night out.  Tracking is great to build an awareness of what you are consuming, but spending time with friends and enjoying life is important.  I probably could have enjoyed life a little less and felt a bit better this morning, though.  But am I overcome with guilt or remorse?  Nope.  I had fun.

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