Friday, 5 October 2012

3 Reasons All Women Should Lift Weights

There are several misconceptions about women lifting weights.  People think that women will "look like men" if they lift anything more than a 2 pound dumbbell.  Or that lifting weights will just make them look bigger, whereas cardio is the only way to lose fat.

The truth is, weights are fantastic for women of all ages, shapes and sizes.  Here's why:

1.  Muscle burns fat.

The more muscle you have on your body, the quicker and easier it is to burn fat.  Muscles require extra food energy so a person with more muscle will require and burn more calories.

2.  Strength without bulk.

Strength is important for many everyday activities.  Think grocery shopping, hauling your kid around, household chores.  It will also help with any sports or athletic activities you may be involved in.  Women who are not taking steroids can lift as heavy as they like without every looking like men.  Truth be told, there is a real problem with steroid use in bodybuilding competitions and this tends to skewer our perceptions of weight training.  Rest assured, if you are female and lifting weights, you will NOT wind up looking like a man.

3.  Reduced risk of many injuries and diseases.

Heart disease, arthritis, back pain, osteoporosis, diabetes, and even depression to name a few.

Weight training has done wonders for my life.  If you've never picked up a weight before, I'd recommend finding someone who can help get you started.  And always talk to your doctor if you have any concerns.  A personal trainer is great, but failing that start with a few basic exercises such as pushups, assisted chin-ups and squats for the first couple weeks, or until your body starts adjusting to the new routine.

Good luck!


  1. Great Blog Becky! So true! Glad you are spreading the truth about women and lifting!

  2. Thanks Jeni! You've been an inspiration to me :)

  3. Hi Becky, I like your blog! We are also expecting a baby right now (January). Really looking forward to your posts for inspiration on keeping fit while preggers!

  4. Congrats, Larine! So exciting!!