Sunday, 29 July 2012

Worked For Me #1 - Cheat Days

After just 3 days of eating properly and exercising I decided to give myself a "cheat day".  So yesterday I gorged myself on cake and pizza.... and spent the entire evening with zero energy lying on the couch feeling sorry for myself.  May have overdone it just a tad.

Even with this experience well behind me (I went for a 30 minute run this morning before breakfast and feel much better now), I'm still a believer in cheat days.  Or, at least, cheat meals.  A full day of cheating is probably a bit excessive.  

Let me explain.  Anytime prior to having my last baby that I got on a "health kick" and starting eating right and exercising, I would get it in my head that I didn't need to eat that crap ever again.  And, invariably, I would wind up gorging myself when I finally broke down.  

When I started a program with a trainer last year, she gave me one cheat day per week.  One whole day that I could eat anything I wanted.  BUT the rest of the week had to be spot-on.  I was sceptical, but you know what?  By giving myself that cheat day, I found myself actually eating a lot less of the bad stuff than before.  If I was craving nachos on Tuesday, it didn't seem to bad to tell myself "On Saturday, I can have those nachos".  And the funny thing is that by the time Saturday comes along, half of the time I'm not even craving whatever it was earlier in the week.  And usually I'll wind up eating pretty well most of the day on my cheat day and just having pizza and beer for dinner or something like that.

Anyways, back on track for the week now.  My plan for this week it to make it to the gym at least twice and do legs, shoulders chest and triceps.  And no more cheats until Saturday!

Note (9 Sept. 12) - I'm going to start categorizing some of my posts into categories.  "Worked For Me" will be a regular post, outlining different ideas, plans or meals that have worked for me in my journey to get into the best shape of my life!

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