Wednesday, 29 August 2012

First Trimester Update

I'm over 10 weeks along now and I've just realized something interesting.  As much as I've been moping around and whining about no energy and feeling "yucky" from morning sickness... it's really no different from every other time I've eaten crap food and not exercised.  Sure, I have a little bit of morning sickness going along with that, but I'm guessing the majority of my ailments at the moment have to do more with not nourishing myself properly and less with the pregnancy.

So, with that in mind, I really need to start eating properly and moving more again.  I know this is the time that it is the most critical for my baby and I know it's just going to make it easier to get back into shape afterwards... but it's really hard to overcome that little voice inside my head saying, "what does it matter, you're going to get fat either way".

Well, I'd better go pack up my gym stuff and a healthy lunch if I'm going to have a chance of actually making a change!

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