Monday, 8 October 2012

Is Cardio Overrated?

I admit that I haven't always given cardio the credit it deserves.  If given the choice between hitting the weights or running on a treadmill, I'll choose the weights every time.

But cardio has a lot of benefits to everyone.  Here is a partial list:

1.  Increases your level of available energy.

So if you think you don't have the time or energy to do cardio, think again!  A good cardio program will actually give you extra energy.

2.  Reduces risk of many diseases.

Depression, cancer, stress and heart disease are just a partial list.

3.  Improves quality of sleep and mental sharpness.

If you're busy and not sleeping well, how can you afford NOT to do cardio?

Most people don't like running on a treadmill, and for good reason.  It's about the least interesting form of cardio there is (in my opinion).

But, thankfully, there are many forms of cardio.  I enjoy hockey and roller derby, or even taking my little one for a run outside (or inside in bad weather).

You don't need to have an athletic bone in your body to find a style of cardio that works for you.  Walking, running, jumping jacks, step class, swimming or rowing are just a few of your choices.

What's your favourite style of cardio?

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