Sunday, 21 October 2012

The 2 Rules of Fat

Fat seems to have acquired a bad reputation, but with these two simple rules eating fat can actually help with your weight loss goals!

1.  Moderation!  

I try to include good fats in 2-3 of my 6 meals per day.  Usually my first, possibly second and last meals.  In moderation, the right fats will actually help with your weight-loss goals.  I was eating the same amount of healthy fats right up until the day of my competition, although other parts of my diet changed.

The thing most people seem to confuse about fats is the appropriate serving size.  Sitting around and finishing off an entire bowl full of unseasoned nuts isn't going to help you out.  A serving size is approximately 10 almonds.

2.  Good fats only!

So what is a "good fat"?  Here is a list of some of my favourite healthy fats:

-unsalted nuts
-natural nut butters
-coconut oil
-ground flax seeds
-flaxseed oil
-fish oil

Avacadoes and salmon have lots of healthy fats in them as well, but I tend to count them as a veggie or protein and eat them in moderation.

One of my favourite fats to add to an evening meal is homemade spicy peanut sauce.  All you need is natural peanut butter, water, cayenne and salt (although it can be improved if you also have soy sauce and coconut milk).  Just add a couple heaping tablespoons of the peanut butter and a bit of liquid (water or coconut milk) to a saucepan and heat, stirring occasionally, until peanut butter is mixed into the liquid.  Then continue adding liquid (including a bit of soy sauce, if applicable) to the mixture until it's at a consistency you like (careful not to add too much liquid or it will thin out too much).  Add salt and spices (make it as spicy as you can stand it so you don't need to use too much of it) and you're done!  I eat it on veggies and quinoa, mostly.

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